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Caption Contest Winners - Office of Naval Contemplation

Oct. 25th, 2011

10:45 am - Caption Contest Winners

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The winner of Caption Contest CXLIV is racerxmachina:

Despite his undisputed status as the fastest outfielder in MLB history, SCREEEAKKKH's career has been clouded by controversy, including new accusations from the St. Louis management of his attempting to eat a Cardinal.
First runner up is rdmasters:
And he bounces twice, shoots, and scores! This brings the Peregrines into the finals where they will be facing off against the Sparrows, in what will be a memorable basketball match.
Second runner up is Jason Barbour:
Judges were forced to count the number of actual goals last night at the Quidditch match, after a hawk (pictured above) captured the golden snitch. Professor McGonagall stated that she was interested in finding the hawk, so games could continue. Rumors say that she would also like to recruit him as her new seeker.


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